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Fortune Soccer teams working 24/7 to collecting soccer or football data, statistical analysis, motivational and psychological factors from the players, suspensions, injuries, players financial, betting rate and odds from bookmakers and bookies, information from insider. FortuneSoccer teams always keep an eye to bookmaker's line which can be influenced by several large wagers made on a soccer or football match.

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Fortune Soccer consider soccer as a business and understand that information is important for all members, not only because soccer or football is widely considered to be the most popular sport in the world, but also every big soccer events always involved bookmakers and bookies.

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Fortune Soccer teams use every information sources to increase the winning prediction and that makes the best soccer prediction website you've ever found


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2017-08-19 ELC Aston Villa - Norwich City 0 - 1/4 Free
2017-08-19 EPL Bournemouth - Watford 0 - 1/2 Gold
2017-08-19 EPL Burnley - WBA 0 - 0 Reguler
2017-08-19 EPL Leicester City - Brighton 0 - 3/4 Platinum
2017-08-19 EPL Liverpool - Crystal Palace 0 - 1 1/4 Platinum
2017-08-19 EPL Southampton - Westham 0 - 3/4 Gold
2017-08-19 EPL Stoke City - Arsenal 3/4 - 0 Reguler
2017-08-19 EPL Swansea City - Manchester United 1 1/2 - 0 Platinum
2017-08-19 Ger1 Hamburger - Augsburg 0 - 1/4 Gold
2017-08-19 Ger1 Hertha Berlin - Stuttgart 0 - 1/2 Reguler
2017-08-19 Ger1 Hoffenheim - Werder Bremen 0 - 3/4 Platinum
2017-08-19 Ger1 Schalke 04 - RB Leipzig 0 - 0 Free
2017-08-19 Ger1 Wolfburg - Dortmund 1/2 - 0 Gold
2017-08-19 ITA1 Juventus - Cagliari 0 - 2 Platinum
2017-08-19 ITA1 Verona - Napoli 1 1/4 - 0 Gold
2017-08-19 Spa1 Celta Vigo - Real Sociedad 0 - 1/4 Reguler
2017-08-19 Spa1 Girona - Atletico Madrid 1 - 0 Platinum
2017-08-19 Spa1 Sevilla - Espanyol 0 - 1 Gold

Notes : Red Team is our picks

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Picks and Predictions based on Asian Handicap with Total Goals - over/under.

Fortune Soccer expert only provide high quality soccer predictions to maintain a high winning percentage. Fortune Soccer did not guarantee 100% accurate predictions, but with Fortune Soccer teams guide and advice, you can increase your winning probability to the top level, a very high profit for all members. Enjoy.

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